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what is aperitivo?

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Aperitivo is an Italian tradition that consists of a drink/light meal that is enjoyed as a “warmup” for dinner. It is usually ordered in the late afternoon to early evening.

Valentino, a cheerful worker at Caffé Raffaello, serves aperitivo with a beaming smile.
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Although not known officially, the concept of aperitivo is believed to be created by the 18th century distiller Antonio Benedetto Carpano. Additionally, Carpano created one of the first kinds of vermouth in Turin in 1786. His mixture of fortified wine and multiple herbs and spices, he claimed, stimulated the appetite and prepared them for dinner. Consequently, it became one of the first popular aperitivo drinks.

sugar cafe.

A “sweet” place for aperitivo, served by Giovanni Garbugli himself.

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find your aperitivo spot.

These are our personal favorite coffee spots, but every cafe in Urbino is truly an enriched experience.

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aperitivo: the traditional ending to an Italian day.

golden hour delights: capturing the essence of aperitivo.

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Sugar Café where the outside is as sweet as the treats inside, nestled amidst vibrant greens for a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.
One of the owners of Sugar Café, Giovanni Garbugli, preparing an aperitivo for his customers.
Italians are known to enjoy aperitivo in the evening, an italian tradition that includes both a drink and some appetizers.
With an infectious smile, Giacomo Garbugli, one of the owners of Sugar Café, delights guests by serving a delightful aperitivo.
Three customers Fatima, Marl, and Antonella, enjoying an evening aperitivo at Sugar Café.
Customers enjoying a refreshing aperitivo and spritz at Sugar Café.
Skilled hands expertly craft two distinct spritz cocktails, blending flavors and spirits with artistry and precision.
Valentino, a cheerful worker at Caffé Raffaello, serves aperitivo with a beaming smile.
Alberto, a worker at Caffé Raffaello, conversing with customers as they relax with an aperitivo.
Sofia and Francesca soak up the pleasant atmosphere of Café Basili, enjoying a leisurely late afternoon aperitivo.

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